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Natural Organic Beard Oil Balsam Wax Hair Loss Conditioner

Natural Organic Beard Oil Balsam Wax Hair Loss Conditioner


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Fast hair growth products alopecia Pubic Chest Beards Growth Essence Mustache Thick Treatment Products For Men

Need big penis?why not try it?

English verion package is updated, now we will send the Chinese Version. Better resultSee below package). Welcome to have a try.

3 Bottles are a treatment course, we recommend you try 3 bottles totally, will get a chinese gift.

2014 Brand New Beards Growth Thicker,Eyelash Growth essence ,Hair growth ,Temples Growth liquid serum products for men and w

  • For eyelash thicker and growth ,recommend one bottle. See result in 20-30 days.
  • For eyebrow thicker and growth. Recommend 2 bottles.See result in 30 days.
  • For temples growth thicker, Recommend 2-3 bottles. See result in 40days.
  • For Beards Growth thicker, Recommend at least 3 bottles. See result in 50-60 days

Above recommend is for mostly crowds.

Direction: Apply the essence on the place where you would like to grow hair with the blush. Dont apply too much ,in case of ,the essence wet other place,then make this place grow hair.

Effective body part: Mustache, Head hair, Chest hair, Penis and Vagina hair, beard lotion etc.

Grow your facial hair faicial hair growth cream eyebrow hair growth concealer for men

Including beard, moustache and sideburns with quality Ginseng Beard Boost Spray


Spray onto the Facial Hair twice per day, morning and night.
Gently rub into the facial hair and face
Leave in, no need to wash out

How it Works

Ginseng, and other grade-A natural ingredients such as Vitamin-E, Vitamin-B3 and Centella Extract

have been proven to stimulate new hair follicle growth in those hard to grow areas of the face.

Beard Boost Spray also stimulates the existing facial hair to grow thicker, faster, longer and stronger.

Itching is reduces and a fuller, healthier looking beard can be achieved with regular use.

Natural ginseng is proven to improve faster, thicker hair growth.

Please note Ginseng has a distinct smell, that can take a little getting used to,

it wears off after a little while, and the results are most definitely worth it.

Beard Growth is drastically mproved within 4-6 weeks of regular usage

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Brand Name




Model Number

Beard Growth Essence


herbal natural extrat



Item Type

Men grow beard care Oil products


Pubic hair growth hair regeneration

effect 1

Thicker Essence Mustache Thick Body hair growth

effect 2

Chest hair growth instant hair growth


fast hair grow products


china regaine for hair yuda hair tonic

Place of origin

china eyebrow and beard growth

hair grow treatment result

eyelash grow beard balm men hair growth

Shelf Life

3 years sunburst hair growth

human beard ornament

beard enhancement serum oil beard


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