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NewZealand Sheep Placenta Rejuvenating Night Cream

NewZealand Sheep Placenta Rejuvenating Night Cream


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JYP PLACENTA Rejuvenating Night Cream 100g *2PCS
Nightly Repair Wrinkle Reducer, Genuine original New Zealand made!

Kiwi land, Kiwi products!


JYP Placenta Rejuvenating Cream is a rich nourishing cream specially formulated for night time use, with the enhanced placenta, Manuka Honey and other active ingredients; it could infuse the vibrancies and nutrition that skin lost during the day time from the sun light and environmental hashment. It softs wrinkles and fine lines, restore skin elasticity, moisture level, removes free radiancals. This cream provides an intensive regenerating treatment while you sleep.

Everyone sleeps for average 7-8 hours per day. When you sleep, your body enters into a status of muscle reflexation. The metabolism drops to the minimum and many systems of the body start to restore and repair themselves. It would be the best opportunity to give your skin a bit help to make, so you can wake up totally renewed and refreshed.

The Night cream is composed by lanolin mixed with thin proportion of placenta, in order to rejuvenate skin cells. More important, it contains manuka nectar extract, famously known of its UMF content, the unique manuka factors. A natural anti-biotic, fights against germs of sensitive skin, and repair any damage bacteria and parasites would do to skin. Apart from that, these ingredients are rich in nutrition, will be able to restore what had been lost during the day. All the damage the environment has done during the day, especially by sunlight, the skin will recovered as you sleep.

Apply this cream to facial skin before sleep. Make sure skin is dry and clean, away from radiation. When you wake up, wash with warm water. Nothing surprising can happen over-night, but do so daily, it will happen. The wrinkles will soften, radiancals removed, skin elasticity enhanced and moisture level restore to what it was when you were much younger.

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JYP and New Zeal Brands have created more than 20 years, our products making high-quality natural skincare products, and only using the finest ingredients sourced from environment-friendly New Zealand, meantime operated with an established reputation in New Zealand and international.

Our extensive range includes Manuka Honey, Bee Venom, Propolis , Thermal Mud, Rosehip Oil, and Lanolin etc, – all highlights of New Zealand’s natural environment. We are committed to making the best New Zealand cosmetics has to offer and sharing the benefits with the world.

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Dimensions 15 × 12 × 10 cm
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Night Cream


placenta, Manuka Honey

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Night Cream




New Zealand


Skin Care

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Rejuvenating Night Cream


anti-aging face cream


Wrinkle Reducer


restore skin elasticity, moisture level, removes free radiancals


infuse the vibrancies and nutrition


softs wrinkles and fine lines


pure placenta cream


intensive regenerating treatment


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