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Organic French Green Clay Edible Powder Skin Face Mask

Organic French Green Clay Edible Powder Skin Face Mask


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Organic French Green Clay External and Internal UseItem Description Use instructionsINCI: Montmorillonite

Origin: Europe

100% purified, sundried Green Clay powder, contains no additives and is of superior quality. Nonirradiated, nonionised clay.

Recommended for oily and Combination Skin

Acne Prone skin

External and Internal use.


French green clay is recognised for its absorbing, healing, soothing, calming and purifying proprieties.

It is frequently used in cases of inflammation.

Extracted from quarries in Europe, pollution free. Sun dried, pulverized and sieved.

Clay is well known for its medicinal and skincare applications.

Rich in minerals (silica, magnesium, zinc, calcium, it has a remarkable absorbing power.

It absorbs and removes impurities and neutralize unpleasant odors.

It stimulates cicatrization and skin repair.

An added benefit: It is a pure, fine clay and can be used alone as a natural face.

Suggested Use: Face Mask

Mix 1 tablespoon of clay with 2 to 3 spoons of water. Mix it well until get a paste

2 - Place the paste with a soft brush across the area you want to treat

3 - Wait until dry and rinse it off with lots of water

4 - Moisturize the area, preferably with a aloe vera cream.


Suggested Use: Clay and Water.

For general health maintenance take a heaped teaspoon (non-metal) once a day in a glass and add spring water.
Let rest for a few hours or overnight.
Drink on an empty stomach.
Take for a period of 3 weeks with a one week break after, continue this process for 3 months.


Please Note: Clay will increase oxygenation and blood circulation to the skin.

This can sometimes create redness and feel a bit itchy, this is normal and is not harmful.

If you are experiencing an active outbreak of rosacea or any form of heightened sensitivity or burn, wait until the area has calmed before treating with clay.

Clay must be kept dry.

It should never be mixed with metal spoons or stored in metal containers; the only materials that should be used in preparation or storage are wooden spoons or glass stirrers.

It is thought that the clay loses its beneficial qualities through contact with metal.

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Washable Mask


Acne Treatment,Anti-Aging,Moisturizing,Oil-control,Pigmentation Corrector,Whitening,Depth Replenishment

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