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Organic White Clay Kaolin Fine Powder Face Mask 250G

Organic White Clay Kaolin Fine Powder Face Mask 250G


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Natural White Kaolin Clay Powder

    • External Use

For Face - Hair Masks & Other Beauty Treatments Item Description & Use instructions White Kaolin clay is the mildest of all clays also known as White Kaolin Cosmetic Clay or China Clay, this product is originating from Portugal, known for it´s purity and unique climate conditions. It is completely natural, unscented and fragrance free. This clay has natural absorbent properties and can be used as a mask, exfoliating, drawing impurities from the skin and increasing circulation and highly beneficial for rejuvenating your pores. It is suited for all skin kinds, particularly for dry, sensitive, and mature skin. It assists the tone of your skin and heal troubles like acne, blemishes, etc. It is utilised in a variety of pores and skin care recipes simply because it is a comfortable and mild clay that absorbs impurities, stimulates circulation to the skin, and encourages elasticity. Furthermore, it soothes the skin, and refines the pores. White clay is enriched with minerals like magnesium, potassium, silica, iron, calcium, zinc, and many others. Poultices can be made from the clay to help decrease inflammation and reduce swelling. A white clay facial can be used regularly, even for people with combination dry and sensitive skin. It supplies the skin with important minerals, including silica to help form new collagen. It has a gentle detoxifying effect, pulling out impurities without increasing redness.
Suggested Use: SKIN MASK 1 - Mix 1 table spoon of clay with 2 to 3 spoons of water. (can use organic oil jojoba, aloe vera almond, lavender or even milk). Mix it until you get a paste 2 - Place the paste with a soft brush all over the area you want to treat. 3 - wait until dry and rinse it off with water. 4 - Moisturise the area with a natural organic cream.(preferably with a jojoba or aloe vera). Suggested Use: HAIR MASK. Kaolin clay uses also come down to hair. White Kaolin clay is ideal for the scalp since it gently exfoliates while stimulating circulation and cleansing. For individuals with dry hair, white clay will serve as the perfect cleanser since it won't draw moisture from the hair. It increases strength and elasticity, absorbs toxins on the scalp and hair and can aid slow the ageing hair process. It can also be used as a hair mask.

1kg orders sent in original package.

Smaller amounts, not in original package, we post the clay in a safe package to ensure all the powder properties.

Please Note: Clay will increase oxygenation and blood circulation to the skin. This can sometimes create redness and feel a bit itchy, this is normal and is not harmful. If you are experiencing an active outbreak of rosacea or any form of heightened sensitivity or burn, wait until the area has calmed before treating with clay. Clay must be kept dry. It should never be mixed with metal spoons or stored in metal containers; the only materials that should be used in preparation or storage are wooden spoons or glass stirrers. It is thought that the clay loses its beneficial qualities through contact with metal.

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Acne Treatment,Anti-Aging,Moisturizing,Oil-control,Pigmentation Corrector,Whitening,Depth Replenishment

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