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100% natural factory price Camellia Seed Oil

100% natural factory price Camellia Seed Oil


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Camellia Seed Oil - 100% Pure Tsubaki Oil - Cold Pressed, Organic Nourish, Moisturize with Natural Antioxidants


The Camellia is a special oil tree in our country, and its fruit can be refined to the important natural green organic health care cooking oil - Camellia oil.Studied by the Chinese center for disease control and prevention nutrition and food safety, a contrast study of tea oil and olive oil shows that, despite the similarities ingredients of Camellia oil and olive oil , but the Camelliaoil diet has double function than olive oil,also is better than any other oils.

Camellia oil (also known as wild mountain tea, tea seed oil) is derived from the seed of the Camellia tree.Camellia oil‘s production process can be divided into: remove shells, dried, crushed and squeezed, filtering, the whole process of physical methods, so it is pure natural green edible oil.It contains no mustard, cholesterol, aspergillin and other additives.Tested: unsaturated fatty acids as high as 90% in the Camellia oil, oleic acid reached 80-83%, 7-13%, linoleic acid and high in protein and vitamins A, B, D, E, etc., especially it contains rich linolenic acid is essential and cannot be synthesized.


1. Can reduce blood lipids
2. Suitable to the hypertension, hyperlipidemia, hyperglycemia crowd edible
3. It is rich in various vatims,Fatty acids,high value of nutrition
4. It has very good health care effect on skin.Unsaturated fatty acid, also called "beauty acid",
and the Unsaturated fatty acid in camellia oil content more than 93%
5. It can make hair grown, and Keep the hair black and bright.

We are pure plant extract from origin!

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